It is not an everyday thing that you see a bunch of police officers having fun mainly because their job is to serve and protect the citizens. However, a group of officers from the Savannah Police Department had other plans.

In a submission video the officers made, it started with the usual cop-chasing-the-bad-guy scene. When the supposedly criminal gets arrested, the show begins. A female cop rushes to the scene as she starts lipsyncing the lines “I know this pain – why do you lock yourself up in these chains?” The lyrics come from the classic “Hold On” by Wilson Philips.

Soon everyone was joining the lipnsync-a-long, complete with props such as police vehicles and horses. It was truly a classic that both the officers and their audience would remember in the years to come.

It’s always nice to see our uniformed personnel show their enthusiasm in whatever it is that they need to do. It just goes to show that they indeed are willing to go to great lengths just to fulfill their duty and mission to the community.

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