American Cori “Coco” Gauff is only 15 years old, and she’s already a tennis sensation. She’s a phenom and might be the future queen of clay.

Coco didn’t expect to participate in Wimbleton. She’s traveling with her dad on the way to Southern France for a tennis academy when they received a phone call for her to participate in Wimbledon’s qualifying tournament. Gauff took advantage, and she won three qualifying matches to become part of the highest prize of the sport where he battled with 63 other players.

On July 1, 2019, Coco’s first women’s singles match is against 39-year-old legend Venus Williams who was her childhood hero. She acted professionally by focusing on her game and not thinking about who her opponent is. Coco mentioned that she’s not thinking about her foe and just minding her game.

Posted by Coco Gauff on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Gauff defeated Williams in straight sets. Coco showed her gratitude to Williams by gripping her hand tight and by telling her she’s thankful for everything she’s doing for the sport. She also said to her that she inspires a lot of people. After that, Coco prayed on her chair while clutching her racket. Gauff said she’s thankful to God for the opportunity and she’s glad to become part of Wimbledon. Gauff’s goal is to play her best, and her dream is to win.

In a profile in the New York Times, Coco Gauff shared about the most important legacy her father instilled in her. She…

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One of the most important things her father taught her is to pray. She and her father prayed together since she was 8. It’s not a technique for success but an expression of giving thanks to the Lord. Coco said they’re not praying about winning even if she wants to be a champion someday. What she’s praying is that she and her foe stay safe.

Coco has entered Wimbleton as a wild card, and she advanced on the 4th round before losing to Simona Halep who’s the best player in the world before.