Preemie Shorter Than A Barbie Doll Grows and Thrives After Five Months in Hospital

Incredibly, a baby that was born more petite than a Barbie doll, and weighs lesser than a pound, has managed to go home. Kallie Bender was only 13oz when she came in this world last May 24, according to The Daily Mirror.

Her size is just like a soup can. The wedding ring of her dad could fit around Kallie’s arm, and it’s like a big bracelet. She’s only 25 weeks old when born, and it’s a miracle that she’s alive. Kallie Bender might be small, but she has a big heart to survive.

On record, Kallie was one of the smallest infants to be born in the Arizona state. She has challenged medical expectations because her doctors already told her parents she wouldn’t survive. Still, here we are now, Phoenix’s Dignity Health-St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center have discharged Kallie already.

She came in this world 15 weeks ahead of her maturity and was rushed to the NICU immediately. In the first several months of her life, she needed a machine to breathe comfortably. She stayed in the hospital for 150 days, and the doctors took good care of her.

Five months after her birth, she’s now a 7lbs healthy baby, and Kallie’s mom is overflowing with Joy. She spoke to Good Morning America, “She’s a feisty girl. It’s bittersweet to leave. But she’s an amazing little fighter, and I can’t wait to see the personality she brings to our family.”

Her loving parents are always at her side, reading and talking to her. They cuddle and comfort her as soon as the doctors gave the signal that they can hold her. Dr. Vinit Manuel, NICU’s medical doctor, told Kallie’s parents that their daughter has a slim chance to survive, but they remained hopeful.

Mrs. Bender expressed, “I could not be more grateful for the doctors here and our three primary nurses. They love Kallie and took such good care of her every day that they were here.”

A combination of science and faith can do wonders in our life.


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