Diane Aulger was placed in a position that most could never begin to fathom, as she was slated to give birth to her baby girl while her husband was dying of cancer. Not only did he become bedridden while she was pregnant, but doctors also expected him to be long gone by the time the child was born. 

On April 30, THE DOCTORS welcomes Diane Aulger, who made headlines with her controversial decision to induce early labor so that her dying husband would have the opportunity to hold his newborn daughter before he passed away. The Doctors shares video of the bittersweet first and final moments Mark spent with Savannah, just days before his death. 

This family’s story is one of the most unbelievable tales that we have ever seen and those who wish to see it for themselves in order to believe it are urged to watch the video below. Once you finished drying your eyes, be sure to pass it along to your friends and family members on your Facebook news feed and Twitter timeline.