Tami Forbes is mother to eight-year-old twins and pregnant with her third child. To feed, clothe, and house the most important people in her life – not to mention herself – she has spent the last several years working two jobs, one making amazing pies for the Key West Key Lime Pie Company, and the other bartending in the evening. That doesn’t give her much time to relax, to care for a newborn, let alone be at home for the kids she already has.

Enter Marcus Lemonis, he is the boss of Tami Forbes, he did a amazing and heartwarming things, “I’m gonna need your help before you leave. I gotta get some stuff done and you’re gonna be our leader here” Lemonis tells Tami in the clip below. “In order for you to have good piece of mind, I wanted to give you some money.” And also he offer the leader position to her. This is exactly how more businesses should treat their hardworking employees, take care of your people and they will give back more.