Ebony Greenfield is a student and a single mother who is trying her best to juggle her responsibilities. However, the early arrival of her baby left her with a big dilemma. After being unable to find suitable childcare, she was forced to bring her baby to a lecture that she didn’t want to miss. Luckily, Dr. Tyrone Dixon, her film professor, not only allowed her to bring her newborn baby to class, he even carried the baby so that Greenfield could take notes.

Greenfield, who is pursuing her master’s degree in professional digital media Technology at Texas Southern University (TSU), had planned her school schedule around her pregnancy. Unfortunately, an accident while she was 20 weeks along forced her to go on bed rest for several weeks. When she finally gave birth to her son, Carter, on the 33rd week, she knew that she had to go back to school as quickly as possible if she didn’t want to get left behind.

On Tuesday, just three weeks after giving birth, Greenfield returned to school with her son in tow. “I didn’t want him to be a distraction [to the class and teachers] but I was desperate for the information I was missing,” she said.

According to Yahoo News, Professor Dixon welcomed the addition to his class. When the lecture began, Greenfield started to struggle to take notes while she was holding her baby. That was when Dixon went above and beyond the call of duty. When he saw his student struggling, he asked to hold the baby so she could have free use of her hands.

“I really just wanted to ask as many questions as I could and take as many notes as possible to do my assignment, and Carter was too wiggly for me to do and that’s when [Dixon asked to hold him,]” Greenfield said.

Dixon admitted that he was shocked to see Greenfield return to school so soon after giving birth. He said that he found inspiration in her actions, and compared her to his own mother. Dixon was born to a single mother who had him when she had just turned eighteen.

“Family, village, community. I had no idea that a simple moment would or could inspire so many. [It was] God’s plan,” said Dixon, after learning that his actions caught the attention of a lot of people.

“It means when life seems impossible, God will open up the universe to you to give you possibilities that you would never believe possible if you just try to do the right thing in life,” said Greenfield.