Proud Grandpa Moved to Tears After Seeing His Very First Grandson

Proud Grandpa Moved to Tears After Seeing His Very First Grandson

Usually, fathers and grandfathers like male children or grandchildren. Maybe because they want someone to continue passing on their name to the next generation. Or, it might be that they’re happy because there will be someone to help them support and defend their family when they grow up. Those are some of the reasons, but I guess it’s just their hearts’ delight. It’s one thing that money can’t buy.

An excited grandpa, James Patrick, came into her daughter’s hospital room because she gave birth to a healthy baby. Little did James know, his family prepared a surprise for his birthday; something that would make him leap for joy.

James grew up with two sisters. He has four daughters and two cute granddaughters. Can you imagine what his life has been? He has been literally surrounded by women all his life. He was waiting and hoping to have a baby boy from his daughters.

Now, James came closer to have a good look at what he thought was another girl in the family, like what the people around him said, but it was just a set-up. After a short while, he then discovered that it was a baby boy after reading something written on the baby’s onesie which said, “FYI: I’m a boy.” He was overjoyed. It was really a great surprise and a birthday gift for him.

This proud grandpa now has a boy in the family. To him, this was all that he had asked for.