Wild deer are naturally untamed animals. They very seldom interact with humans and tend to run away whenever humans or other big animals are around, with the exception of other species that have a tendency to attack humans, especially the males during the rutting season, or whenever a doe’s fawn’s life is threatened. Most species have long, sharp antlers that are pretty dangerous to humans when attacked.

This rare footage was filmed in Alabaster, Alabama. This thing doesn’t happen most often. The deer just walked towards the woman, but the woman stayed still, so as not to frighten the wild doe until it put its head on the woman’s lap with eyes closed. It’s a good thing that the woman caught everything on video with her cell phone camera.  We just don’t know what’s happening with the doe. Maybe she’s not feeling well or just curious and wanted a new experience, I suppose.


This particular deer, obviously, is a tame one. But we should not try to imitate doing the same thing on our own. Great caution should be observed because we don’t exactly know what wild animals’ intentions are and capable of doing. Although some animals can be trained, let’s remember that animals are animals, may they be wild or domesticated, they still have their own instincts. But having said these, we should also treat them nice because, like us, they, too, have the right to survive.