A video commercial released by renowned men’s razor brand Gilette touches the heart of thousands of people. It was about a son shaving and grooming his father who suffered from a stroke and needed assisted-care. It is sad yet gentle. It tells us the reality that we’ll grow old one day and our children who were once young will take care of us.

Growing old, getting sick and dying is an eventuality for all men – even for those who were once strong and able. In the Gillette commercial, the son recalled his dad was like “Popeye” to him because of his well-built physique. Everything changed after his father had a stroke that he became weak and immobile.

Every day, the son takes 30-minutes to carefully groom his dad because his skin is very thin due to aging. He shaves his dad on the mouth, neck, and his sideburns, and he’s pleased to see his dad’s smile.

At one point, the grandson came in and watched his dad bathing his grandpa. This scene shows the love between three generations. In the modern world where people are often separated by distance and life circumstances, this is particularly inspiring and heartwarming.

Love allows this family to endure and overcome the depressing reality of aging and sickness. Life can be changed when you love. There is a scene in the commercial when the son tried to brighten up the day for his dad by cracking a joke. When the son put shampoo on his dad’s hair, he asked his father if he wanted a mohawk so that he would look like a punk rocker. It was a hilarious but warm remark.

The last part of the commercial would certainly make people cry. The son said he’d do everything for his dad and he was lucky because most of his friends have already lost their fathers. His dad, however, felt he’s not deserving of his son’s love. Yet we know he deserves, actually more than deserve.

The 3-minute commercial reminds us about the golden rule that what we do to other people will be done or returned to us. It is indeed an honor to care for our aging parents because they did that to us when we were younger. Please make time out of your busy schedule to show love to your parents while they are still with you.