Remembering God’s Greatest Gift to Mankind

Remembering God’s Greatest Gift to Mankind

With how fast paced our world has become throughout the years, it has somewhat become impossible to keep up with everything happening around us. Technology had shrunk distance and time, making it possible now to instantly know what is happening at the other side of the globe. But along with this, technology had also made us forget how to slow down and to appreciate the things around us, including what used to be important occasions.

One of these is Christmas. We have come to a point in time where most people celebrate Christmas just because,” and not because of what the reason behind the season is. We are still months away from Christmas, but this article is here to remind us that in this coming season, may we be reminded what the true reason for the season is.

That reason is Jesus Christ. God’s only Son was the greatest gift that we could receive. He was given to us so that He could pay for the sins that we made; so that we could be with Him in heaven.

In the video featured in this article, the Nativity Scene or the birth of Jesus Christ during what we now call as Christmas Day is played out while Josh Groban’s rendition of O Holy Night is played in the background.

May this video reminds us of God’s gift and continually remind us not to just celebrate Christmas as a yearly occasion that we have to go through, but as a time of thanksgiving for a gift that we don’t deserve but was still freely given.

Watch the video below: