Josh Groban released his brand-new song, “River.” He knew that life is not easy, and that everyone has his own circumstances and struggles. One can become so weary with the stresses that life brings. That is the reason why Groban thought of creating a song for this particular matter. The song tells of the pain and challenges that people face in life, and to make people know that it’s not the end of the world for them.

The talented singer told Brian Bowen Smith of PEOPLE that finding the light during the darkest times of our lives was his inspiration in writing “River.” “Whenever we have dark times in our lives, whether we suffer from depression, or addiction, or anxiety, or even just having a really bad day, the worst is that it feels like we are suffering alone… Far too many people feel this way… I hope this song and video are a reminder that it’s the simple steps, the smallest gestures, that can pull us back to the light. It’s those things for me. Find your ‘river.'” We don’t need to isolate ourselves further when things get tough or go on some big shopping spree to feel better. Sometimes, the best way to heal is merely sitting by the river and listening to the wind against the trees,” he added.

Josh found the river in his own life. It’s how he deals with his own struggles and stresses. He wanted to share and point out to everyone that all of us experience unpleasant things and sufferings in life. He wants to encourage and assure us that there is an answer, a way out.

Listen to the song and be encouraged. Remember that you’re not alone. God is with you. You can make a difference in your own life by finding the River.