A family member of a friend molested Samuel Jordan when he’s just eight years old, and his abuser made him believe he’s a woman. Those abuses wound him deep emotionally and mentally, yet he kept that as a secret.

But as Samuel started to receive compliments as he role played, he enjoyed doing that, and he began to explore same-sex relationships. Samuel let himself believed he’s a woman.

Samuel was brought up as a Christian in Fort Myers, Florida. He loves the Lord, the church, and he dreams of becoming a pastor someday, but his dreams died after the abuse.

At age 14, Samuel explored the world of homosexuality. He kept his secret to his parents until her mother discovered an explicit letter from a male classmate in his backpack, and it broke her heart. His mother said she couldn’t be with him if he’s like that, and she didn’t look at him in the eye, which broke Samuel’s heart.

Samuel tried to stop his sinful lifestyle, but he failed to do so until his mother died while he’s still a sophomore high school student. Then, his father found another woman, and Samuel felt so alone in his life.

He turned his back away from the Lord in college and found a persona in Simone while being active in the gay community. He hates his real identity as Samuel because he’s not accepted and a loser, not like Simone, who the gay community loves.

Simone was a transgender person with breast implants. What’s worst is Simone worked as an escort. Simone was famous and desired, but the shame and guilt in Samuel’s heart resurfaced. He dropped out of school and went back to Fort Myers. Luckily, a family friend let him stayed but with one condition, and that’s to go to church with her. He didn’t want to do that, but he eventually agreed because, in his heart, he knows he’s looking for a direction.

As he went to worship, he felt the need for a savior because of emptiness and desperation. As he listened to the words of God, he felt like the Lord talked to him, “I’m desperate for you too, and I want you to come back.” Samuel cried, and it changed his heart.

Samuel said God wants him to come back no matter what sins he committed, and no matter what he’d done to his body. As Samuel realizes his mistakes, he kept on saying ‘I’m free, I’m free, I’m free,” and he felt the bondage of guilt and shame has left him.

Samuel had his breast implants removed and live as a man again. God showed Samuel that he’s a child of God, and he’ll only be happy serving the Lord.