The Doctor And The Little Girl Get Married, The Reason Will Make You CRY!

We all know life can be cruel and unfair, but we feel especially sorry when it comes to kids… Your heart grows heavy when you see that something bad happens to little innocent children. When you hear a story, like the one we are about to tell you, you have to man up in order not to cry. So, this is an unusual video about the love between a little girl and a doctor.

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  1. There’s so many little girls who are being forcibly raped under the guise of marriage that this story is sickening!!
    Why pretend about something like that when in reality many little girls have to suffer it?
    Beware of the medias attempt to very gently desensitze you to pedophilia…this is a real movement in which groups are actually promoting sex with children. If you find this story fuzzy and warm, next time it may be a step further…
    It’s fine for little girls to pretend but the idea of making such s production out of it without anyone pointing out the obvious objection that grown men don’t marry little so wrong!!!

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