The richest man in Singapore fears God for he values his relationship with God more than anything else. Brothers Robert and Philip Ng own Far East Organization, Singapore’s largest private landlord and property developer. Forbes estimates their net worth at about $12 billion. Being a successful man who does not lack everything, Philip Ng doesn’t forget to pray and give thanks to the Lord.

A young entrepreneur, Matthew Yao, posted a video interview with Ng on Instagram last year where the billionaire shared his quest for the meaning of life and that eventually led him to Christ.

“All of us are broken, we all have a missing piece. And for me, I discovered that the missing piece is God Jesus Christ,” Ng said.

“I was always in search of a ‘better’ life, a ‘better purpose’, a ‘better’ me, a ‘better’ everything. But I was… just looking at all the wrong things… When I realized that there is no ‘better’ me or ‘better’ things without Jesus. Then it all snapped in place maybe we have to look deeper… I treasure that (my faith) more than anything,” he continued.

Ng wishes all aspiring entrepreneurs to start from realizing the ultimate missing thing in human lives is Lord Jesus Christ, but not money or any other material things. And he prays for everyone to find their inner happiness through building a relationship with God.

Last year, the movie Crazy Rich Asians based on a novel with the same title received a lot of attention. Ng criticized the movie on his social media saying that the film glorifies hedonism and wealth and pollutes our minds with materialism. He said this kind of movie makes people forget the truth that we need to have a personal relationship with God and we need to love God more than anything else such as money.

Philip Ng experienced a lot of hardships as a teenager before he could rise to success. He shares that God will help anyone who wants to become a better person and that everything is possible with Jesus Christ.