Continue to Keep Dustin Chapman In Your Prayers (4/4)

UPDATE……Still in Maryland waiting for his surgery. It is scheduled for August 9th. This has been a long journey to get him to a specialist but I would have crawled to get him here. I'm praying and believing he can help him. We have been staying at a hotel for 6 days and using uber when he has appointments other than those days this is what he has been doing. I am so very thankful for all of the support, prayers , kind words, and everyone who has helped my family financially. I have never flown on a plane up until the last two weeks but have found myself flying twice. The cost of staying away from home, medical bills, transportation, food, co pays for test, and the cost of living that still has to be covered at home can be very overwhelming, but God has seen those overwhelming times and always made a way. Please continue to keep Dustin Chapman in your prayers. I love him so much and I would go to the ends of the earth to try to get him better. Thanks again and I will update again soon. If you would like to help in anyway a Go Fund Me has been set up to help during this journey. Thanks and God Bless you all🙏❤️

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Jesus We Love You.. 🙏🏻

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