It’s devastating to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s because you can forget everything. What’s more miserable is if you have someone close to you suffering from it because you’ll see how the person struggles when he starts to forget.

That’s why when a son made a tribute video for his dad who had the disease, it became viral. The song of Kenny Chesney entitled “While He Still Knows Who I Am,” accompanied the video. The character of the song is reconnecting with his father and with himself as well. The song is a perfect accompaniment.

There’s this scene where the son is driving the car, and his dad is his passenger. The range of emotions of the son is wide and affecting. He’s crying while driving the car because it’s depressing for him to see his father with his health status.

The video has lighthearted scenes like when he’s eating with his parents. The clip when his father kissed his mother is sweet, and it’s one of the best moments in the video.

The son remarked on his YouTube account that the video is his tribute to all the people who have a family member who has Alzheimer’s disease. It’s tough, especially if one can experience the suffering of a beloved one with an Alzheimer’s. A lot of people are affected by the YouTube video because the son did his best so he can record a lot of good memories with his dad.

Chesney is an American record producer, songwriter, and country music singer. 14 of his 20 albums are certified Gold. The song “While He Still Knows Who I Am” can be heard on the 2012 album Welcome to the Fishbowl.

The video is also a testament that we should all make good memories with our beloved ones even if their memory is still working and perfect.