A grieving mother onboard a Southwest Air flight receives encouragement from an aircraft employee as he sings a heartwarming rendition of the song ‘You Raise Me Up’ as popularized by singer Josh Groban.

The passenger on board the flight to Louisville is a mother of a fallen soldier, Tyler Edenhofer, who lost his life while serving the country at the young age of 24. Eight months after the soldier’s death, his mother and the rest of his family took part in a memorial service where a bench at Skyview Park in Jeffersontown, KY was named after his honor.

To give comfort to Edenhofer’s mother, a flight attendant began singing the touching song, while the rest of the passengers watched in awe. The performance was impromptu, but the rest of the people onboard the flight did not see it as an interruption.


The touching moment was captured by another passenger named Sean Warren. He uploaded the video on his personal Facebook page, where he wrote further words of encouragement to the family and the Southwest employee.

This act of kindness is a testimony that God’s love can be found anywhere—even in a full and busy aircraft!