It’s always best to educate our children about the realities of life. Even at a young age, we should teach them how to be wise and perceptive; what he should do, and what he should not do; who to trust and who not to trust. It’s a good way of training them to be aware of potential dangers present in this world that we live in, so as to prepare them to live a safe and a better life while growing up.

Mom did a great job, that when a stranger tried to get her 7-year-old, Emmy McCardell, her daughter quickly remembered what she taught her. It happened when a car stopped by their lawn and asked Emmy if she would like a bicycle. Feeling suspicious and alarmed, Emmy ran into their house and did not accept what the stranger was offering her. Her mom taught her that she should not go with a tricky person and that he might be a “stranger-danger.”

The incident was captured by their CCTV camera attached by their door and gave the police a copy of the video. The police said that those people might be kidnappers. Emmy did the right thing. Her mother hopes that every parent should also teach their kids about this matter. Good words of wisdom to kids will surely save their lives.