Hawaiian surfer Bethany Hamilton made it to the headlines all over the world for so many reasons. In 2003, when she was just 13, she lost her arm and nearly her life in a devastating shark attack off the coast of Kauai. Now 29, the inspiring athlete continues to speak about her faith in God and how her devotion has helped her become a successful surfer despite the life-threatening incident.

On Thursday, Hamilton took to Instagram to share a poignant moment in the same waters where she was attacked by a shark. In the photo, she could be seen on a boat while traveling on the ocean with her second son, Wesley.

In the caption, she said, “These are the waters I lost my arm however many years ago today. I can honestly be here with contentedness. I’ve learned that from awful times beauty can come.”

She went on to speak about her faith and how it has helped her through everything that happened since that fateful day sixteen years ago. “Thank you God! As life has gone on I cherish all that I have, my faith, family, the ability to bring hope, surfing, the challenges, the over-comings and much more,” she said.

Needless to say, Hamilton has learned the value of life through her harrowing ordeal. “Cheers to life and all the craziness and beauty we face- We can choose who we become through it all!” she concluded.

When Hamilton was attacked by a shark while surfing, she barely made it out alive due to a massive loss of blood. In the end, doctors were able to save her life but not her arm. She ended up with a small stump that protrudes out of her left shoulder. Anyone who has ever tried surfing knows that it’s hard enough to balance with all your limbs.

However, just 26 days after the attack, Hamilton was back on a surfboard. Two years later, she became the national champion. In an interview with CNN World Sport, she spoke about how something good actually came out of her tragedy.

“Looking in hindsight, I see all the beauty and good that’s come from the loss of my arm that I wouldn’t change life to be how I think it should be, but rather just embracing life as it is,” she said.

Hamilton has won several surfing championships in her long career. She continues to compete at a high level and is expected to be a strong contender in the upcoming Women Surf League’s Women’s Qualifying Series in 2020.