Actor T.C. Stallings has a new program called Uncompromised, where its goal is to help Christian actors stand firm in their faith. Most people are having a hard time working in Hollywood because they need to compromise their morality for the sake of their screen character. Veteran or bankable actors might find it easier to talk about the script with their directors but not for those who are just starting.

TC didn’t plan to become part of the movie industry, but he believes that God put him in his life status right now to help other celebrities have a stronger ground on their Christian faith. The actor promises not to forget his values and faith because it’s more important for him to please God than to receive accolades and respect for his craft because he dedicates his talent and life to the Lord.

The Christian celebrity is a former pro football player, and a life-changing experience in the movie theater made him become more God-conscious. TC watched “Fireproof” in 2008, and it changed his life. He said in’s Pure Talk interview, “I remember that night … just to see everybody’s reaction when it was over, including myself, crying in terms [of] thinking, ‘He could be a better husband, a better dad, a better everything,’ and then my heart started thumping to act.”

Pure Talk with T.C. Stallings

Actor T.C. Stallings has captivated America with movies like War Room and God's Compass. Now, he's launching an incredible plan to help other Hollywood performers stand strong in their faith, find hope, and inspire us all. #PureTalk

Posted by Pure Flix on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

He prayed to God to ask if his unexpected enthusiasm for acting came from Him. The actor continued to pray and ask for guidance and realized that God wanted him to become an actor. TC became part of the “Courageous” cast within a year.

The Uncompromised program is unique because it puts God first. Those who want to become part of the Christian actor coaching program need to go to TC’s website, The actor wished there was something like this program when he got started because people can give up their life values for money and fame.

The coaching program coaches the spirit first because if an actor isn’t morally strong, his acting skills don’t matter at all. After that, the program will focus on making the actor better on his craft, so he’ll be a complete package.

The program will make actors prudent at choosing roles where they’ll be pleasing to God. And it will teach actors not to regret if they refuse a movie role because God has a better plan for them.

TC is a perfect coach for the program because he’s been through a lot. He refused a role before because he felt the character’s not right for him, and after several months, he landed the lead male role in War Room, and the film goes to #1.

It’s a great feeling to do the thing that you love, and you still be able to please the Lord. The Uncompromised program is a blessing for people who aspire to work or are already working in the entertainment industry.