There’s nothing more entertaining to see or think of than to watch a dance performance inside the airport when you found out that you’re going to be stuck in there in a 6-hour flight delay. It certainly is good to have some kind of live entertainment to cool down the tense and furious atmosphere. Luckily, there was a group of great dancers in the house that gave stuck fellow passengers a very nice and amusing performance to loosen up the tense atmosphere, so to speak.

The lively dance group, ‘Funkywunks,’ seeing that most fellow passengers were getting angry because of what’s happening, they decided to show off their dance piece to lighten up everybody’s mood. One group member played Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” on his Bluetooth speaker and the rest was history. The group displayed their remarkable dance steps with some acrobatics. The people gathered around and turned on their cell phone cameras to record that wonderful moment.

Everyone enjoyed the group’s performance, I’m sure. You don’t see this kind of stuff very often. In fact, it’s very rare. And on top of it all, it happened in an airport and not just somewhere else. This amazing dance group did a good job and did not hesitate to share their talents to bring happiness to once seemingly angry passengers.

Thanks guys!