Teacher David Winter felt bad seeing the heartbroken kid William Gierke, a fourth-grader at Sheboygan Falls Elementary School in Wisconsin, after he was bullied in school for wearing a pink t-shirt. The simple act of kindness gave strength to the nine-year-old kid and encouraged him to go back to school.

William was so proud of wearing his pink t-shirt printed with the message “Tough Guys Wear Pink”, meant to inspire breast cancer awareness, to school. When he was asked why he wears the shirt he answers he liked pink.  The kindhearted William felt bad when his classmates started bullying him and calling him a “sissy”. The kid came home from school in tears.  William’s mom, Tomi, felt sorry for after she saw her child.

William hated to go back to school because of the bullying but her concerned mother encouraged him to be strong and go anyway. It was the first time that the child had an issue in wanting to go to school.

The frightened kid was surprised when he walked into his classroom.  His teacher, David Winter is wearing a pink t-shirt. The fourth-grader will never forget that memorable day.  He took a photo of his teacher and sent it to his mom. Tomi was delighted when she saw David posing for the camera wearing a pink shirt.

The concerned teacher decided to wear pink every day of that week to support William and to make him feel safe at school.  The teacher’s simple act of kindness encouraged William to be strong and it also sent an unforgettable message to the other students.  William said that he felt comfortable after seeing his teacher, adding that he is no longer bothered.  Tomi posted the picture in social media where the kindness of the teacher was recognized and admired for his big heart.