Teachers are one of the most poorly paid professions in the U.S. today. Most teachers spend money out of their own pockets just to provide for their students’ needs. They surely have that parental heart for their students.

Right now, on this video, the ‘What Would You Do’ television show sets up a scene in a grocery store with accomplices to see how people would react to the accomplice teacher’s short budget; everything was recorded. Strangers on the counter line paid for the accomplice teacher’s grocery items, and it was so heartwarming to behold. Every one of them was interviewed and expressed their godly reasons why we should help those who are in need.

It’s so touching to know that, still, there are kind-hearted, generous people around ready to give a helping hand.  I’m sure the accomplice teacher’s tears are genuine tears of appreciation and gratitude. I’m also sure that she, herself, was touched by what happened every time someone would offer their help to pay for her groceries.

God is so good in our lives even if we are experiencing negative circumstances that seem to bring us down. But still, it doesn’t change the fact that He is Good, all the time. He sees our needs, and He’s ready to use instruments to minister to us.

Let’s find someone in need and bless them today.