Teen Buys Coffee for a Random Woman, Ended-up Babysit Her Kids

coffee Jul 25, 2019

Everyone has heard the quote, “A small act of kindness can make a big difference.” This has become true for Nicole when Mackenzie offered her a coffee.

Nicole has been having a tough time for a few months since her father passed away.

Nicole is a full-time working woman and her father used to babysit her kids when she is not home.

When the babysitter Nicole had hired asked for a day-off since she was sick, Nicole was so upset.

She was planning to buy her kids breakfast and entered Starbucks in the neighborhood to treat herself with a cup of coffee. She was feeling very guilty that she had to stay at home for a while now to babysit her children.

Unexpectedly, Mackenzie, who was a total stranger, entered into Nicole’s gloomy life and paid for her coffee. This little act of kindness touched the heart of Nicole and her heart was brightened up.

To her surprise, Mackenzie lived a few houses away from her own. She then decided to acknowledge this kindness and write her a beautiful card thanking her.

Mackenzie was taken by surprise when she learned the story behind the random woman whom she had bought a coffee.

She then decided to go a step ahead by offering help to Nicole in babysitting her kids. They became very close friends through this event.


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