15-year-old Micah Pinson from Texas continues to gain attention for a toy drive he started eight years ago. The campaign has donated approximately 50,000 toys to young patients at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital since it first began. Pinson started the toy drive after being treated in the same hospital back when he was just six years old.

Pinson was born with webbing between his fingers. The webbing limited motion in his hands. He underwent surgery at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital when he was just a young boy, enabling him to live a relatively normal life. Thanks to the surgery, he was able to regain flexibility and better use of his hands and fingers. Because of this, he was inspired to give back.

Many other children have been or are currently being treated in the hospital. Pinson has been returning for the past eight years with boxes laden with donated toys. Now in 10th grade at the Corinth Classical Academy, Pinson has decided to change things up for this year’s campaign.


He said that he wants to focus on teenagers this time around. He explained that during the holidays, gift-giving is often centered around young children. Teenagers are often left out or even forgotten. Now a teenager himself, Pinson decided to focus on a slightly older age group for this year’s toy drive. He has even set up a “wish list” so that some of the older kids can let donors know what they would most be happy to receive.

“Maybe some have had a rough day and they see this toy laying there for them – it means a big deal to them,” said Pinson, in an interview shared by KXAS.

“Micah’s Toy Drive” has attracted a lot of attention over the years. Thanks to the press and social media, donations have started pouring in from local companies and nearby institutions. According to the acknowledgments posted on the Facebook page dedicated to the toy drive, many companies have become regular donors over the years.