Teenager Lifts Up a Sedan off the Chest of His Neighbor to Save Life

accident Oct 1, 2019

An Ohio teenager was grateful for he has given a chance to save the life of a neighbor whose car pinned him down.

Zac Clark is just 16 years old, but he’s strong being a football player. WTVD-TV reports that the teen was helping his mother on some yardwork chores when Zac heard a cry for help. Without hesitation, the teenager rushed over and saw his neighbor in the driveway under his Volkswagen Sedan.

We have a real life hero on our football team. Our left guard, Zach Clark, lifted a car that fell off the jack and on to…

Posted by Clear Fork Football on Monday, September 23, 2019

Zac said, “I guess the jack broke or slipped and the car fell on top of him from the waist up. Only thing I could see was his legs, and he was struggling.”

The teen immediately raised the 3,000-pound automobile off the face and chest of his neighbor. Zac stated, “He had a couple of cracked ribs, and his face was messed up pretty bad, but the doctors told him if I wasn’t there, then he’d be dead.”

Dave Carroll, the football coach of Zac, wasn’t surprised when he heard about his player’s heroic action. Dave said, “He has just a huge heart. Here’s a young man who’s been through tragedy himself with his father passing away last summer, and he didn’t hesitate at all and saved somebody’s life.”

Zac said he’s been thinking of his late dad during the incident, and it has given him the strength to lift the heavy car. The teen explained, “I wanted to be able to save him so he can be with his family. I was thankful for the opportunity to be able to save someone’s life. I thank God for letting me be able to do that.”

Zac wants to become a firefighter when he graduates so he can help people. He inspired a lot of people in his community to become a better person and to be ready for those in need. Like Zac, we should also pray to the Lord to give us opportunities to help people because it’s a way of serving Him.


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