Teenager Survived 49 Days Alone in the Sea by Reading Bible and Singing Hymns

Teenager Survived 49 Days Alone in the Sea by Reading Bible and Singing Hymns

One fine morning, 19-year-old Aldi Adilang from Indonesia went into the sea as usual on a wooden raft to catch fish for his living, without knowing what the day would hold.

Aldi anchored his raft carefully on the seabed with a strong rope. The rope was connected to a barge. There were three other ropes from the barge that held the raft in place.

To his utter horror, all three ropes that held the raft firmly were snapped by the wind and his raft began to drift deeper into the blue and desolate ocean.

Aldi brimmed with fear and his hope of getting home faded away as his raft was continuously drifting into the ocean.

By all means, Aldi tried his best to keep himself together and gasped for help from the big ships passing by. Unfortunately, he went unnoticed by many passing ships.


“After my food supplies ran out, I caught fish from the ocean. Some fish I was able to cook and others I had to eat raw since all my survival supplies ran out”, says Aldi.

After spending many days in the open sea and being unable to find any way to return home, Aldi was contemplating to commit suicide.

The images of his loving family would flash in front of his eyes and the thought of not being able to meet them again left him in tears.

Amidst this entire struggle he went through, he remembered the words of his parents to seek God in times of struggle.

Aldi, who had the habit of carrying a Bible in his raft, picked up the Bible and started reading it. He started praying to God and singing praise hymns. This reignited the hope in him.

Astonishingly, a cargo ship that was passing by noticed Aldi and came to his rescue. Aldi jumped into the ocean and the crew pulled him into the ship with a rope. It ended his 49 days of misery in the ocean.

At last, the most audacious Aldi was able to get in touch with his family with tears. He was then brought to the Indonesian Consulate General in Japan and was safely sent to his home in Indonesia.