Terrified And Scary! Scientist Recorded Cries and Screaming of Damned Soul When Drilled The Hole Into Deep Earth Crust

hell Jul 18, 2018

Did you believe in the existence of the hell? Where would the condemning souls go after death? We have no obvious and certain answers to this kind of questions! But recently a geological group who drilled the hole into the deep earth crust heard human screams. Screams came from the condemned souls in the deepest hole. Dr. Azzacove, the manager of the project in remote Siberia, discovered that the temperature at the center of the earth was extremely high, which was far more than expected! So the scientists were so frightened to continue the research! He said, “I don’t believe in the Bible and the heaven, but as a scientist, I believe in hell.” Similarly, one famous underwater explorer said he stopped diving because he heard the sounds of people screaming in the hole that he discovered in the deep sea.


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