A 5-year-old girl is seen singing her own version of “O Holy Night” in front of a big crowd while her father playing the guitar accompanies her on stage.

The little girl’s name is Claire Ryann Crosby and the man playing the guitar is her dad named Dave Crosby. The young girl had become an internet sensation after her dad started uploading videos of the two of them singing to famous songs like the soundtrack from Tarzan “You’ll be in my heart” and Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World.”

It turns out that Dave Crosby, Claire’s dad, had joined the talent show The Voice which also contributed to the success of their Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Aside from the overwhelming talent of this little girl, what made the audience more interested not only in Claire but the entire family, is how open and proud they are of their faith in God. They have uploaded some Christian songs, one of them being “Peace in Christ” which they uploaded in celebration of Easter this year.