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The Boy Who Went To Heaven With The Book "Heaven Is For Real"

The boy who went to heaven talks about his special story, may more and more people through this video can know God more …

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  1. The other thing is that the Bible says whether it’s to the North or whether it’s to the South as a tree falls so shall it lie. That means when a person is dead and gone their Dead and Gone the Mind quits working and the natural sense and our soul goes to heaven. What causes this to happen to people I don’t know but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m certainly not trying to burst anybody’s bro bubble I can’t say it’s real or not real. I do find it interesting that he knew where his father was when his wife and doctors didn’t know I do find it surprising that he knew about his sister. So there are some things that makes sense and then there’s others that don’t make sense like the guy asking him are you so in so son. Haven’t he should have known that automatically because according to the scripture when we get to heaven we won’t have to ask God point out Moses to me or point out King David are the Apostle Paul are Noah. When we get to heaven we will automatically know who these people are. So why did the grandfather ask him the question… Are you so and so ‘s son? That makes no sense to me because the Bible says when we get to heaven we will know as we have been known

  2. A man walked up to him and ask him if he’s so and so’s son? Okay… That’s a concern right there. Because the Bible says in heaven we shall know as we have known. And other words when we get to heaven will know who everybody is. If this little boy met his sister and having a knew who she was without asking her why is it that this old man has to ask him are you so and so son. This man in heaven would have already known that

  3. Whether it is real or not, this I do not know. I can’t speak for anyone who has died on the operating table and come back 20 minutes, an hour or 8 hours later. The one thing I found interesting was he told his mom that he met his sister when he got to heaven. And since his mom had lost a child and they never told anyone, I’m not sure how he would have known that piece of information. So whether it’s a truth or whether it is a lie I do not know. I actually went to the Coliseum here in Topeka Kansas when the parents did a live interview with someone here in Topeka and at the end the little boy came out on stage and sang Amazing Grace. It was a very touching discussion. If it’s not true and it’s all a lie, they answer to God. I won’t judge anybody for what they believe or what they don’t believe. I think I’ll stick to what the Bible says and the rest of it I just let go

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