This is the best evidence of Noah’s Ark found! God tells Noah in the Bible before the time of Jesus Christ to build an Ark and save the world from a flood – this Ark may have been found along with the graves of Noah and other Biblical characters. Has the remains of Noah’s Ark & the city he built after the flood finally been found? In 1948, a Turkish villager stumbled across an unusual formation protruding from the earth in the foothills of Mount Ararat.  A recent earthquake had triggered a series of mudslides in the area, forcing the ancient remains of Noah’s Ark to the surface. The Bible tells us the ark’s precise dimensions, and that it settled in the Mountains of Ararat after the great flood. Archaeologists and missionaries have been scouring Greater Mount Ararat for centuries, several miles away from the foothills where it was found on Mount Chudi, which translates in the native Kurdish language to First Mountain. The Bible also tells us that “Noah lived after the flood three hundred and fifty years.”  He must have lived somewhere, and it turns out that we found that too!

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