The Garden of Eden, Where Is It?

God hides the garden of Eden because of Hyman’s disobedience. It will not be visible to human until “the renewal of all things” mentioned by Jesus Christ for it is with God. The garden of Eden was visible before because Adam and Eve were with God before the fall of man (sinned).

After the separation from God, the Garden of Eden also disappear. But the Lord Jesus mentioned of this garden in his Revelations. The garden of Eden will be seen again by those who accepted him as their Lord and Savior, for it will come down from heaven(dwelling place of God)God is a spirit, and His spirit enable Adam & Eve to experience the garden of God.

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  1. No one could actually trace the specific location because the destruction of the earth with flood during the time of Noah altered the Gelological and Topographical structures of the four rivers,without those rivers it’s an informidable task and mission.

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