There are lots of spots and places where you can see pianos being played by passers-by. You can see them in malls, in the streets, or in any important public places that have lots of people around. It’s a sort of encouragement to silent musicians to share their talent and skills to everyone. Some passers-by may toy some keys, but eventually, there are those who are really gifted and step in to create a wonderful moment of awe as they play the piano.

Well, that kind of scene happened and was caught on video. You will be amazed at what will happen next as the guy in the black hood asks the man playing the piano to play a certain song.

A pianist was playing the piano and entertaining all the people around, then suddenly came another guy in a black hooded jacket and asked him to play Mary Poppins’ song ‘Chim Chimney’ for her mom who was also there. The guy on the piano seemed to be not familiar with the song, so the hooded guy asked if he could play it. And he did. The rest was history. The hooded guy just played the song so perfectly that the people started gathering around him to watch and listen.

It is so wonderful to see people playing the piano and do keystrokes without even looking at them. That, for me, is an awesome skill to learn. You can watch the video and be amazed yourself.