The story of the Great Flood and how God saved Noah and his family through a wooden ark is probably one of the most stories in the Old Testament. Through the scriptures, a lot of people had wanted to discover the remains of Noah’s Ark and where it could have possibly stopped.

Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI) had revealed that they had discovered the remains of Noah’s Ark in Turkey. The Hong Kong-based team countered any skepticism they had received from their claims and stood strong in their belief that what they discovered in Mount Ararat of Turkey is the true Ark of Noah.

Through a press conference held by the team in Hong Kong, the team had presented their findings and claimed that they were “99.9 percent sure” that the wooden structure in Mount Ararat was none other than Noah’s Ark that was mentioned in the Bible. The structure was found at an elevation of 12,000ft and found to be dated as 4,800 years old.

Despite the skepticism, the team held their claim to be true.

“How can a ship be in a mountain?” Yeung Wing-Cheung, one of the members of the team who went to Mount Ararat, said in a telephone interview.

“The only record of a wooden structure on Mount Ararat is Noah’s Ark,” the team coordinator, Clara Wei, claimed. “So up to now I believe this is the most probable explanation. We don’t have another explanation,” she added.

Moreover, Turkish officials from Agri Province in Mount Ararat, Lieutenant governor Murat Güven and Cultural Ministries Director Muhsin Bulut, both provincial officials, attended the press conference held by the team and also believe in the team’s discovery according post made in the team’s website.

Watch the video below for the actual footage inside the discovery: