The Rock Melts While Playing with His Cute Daughter

Dad Sep 11, 2018

Little children always bring joy and delight to their fathers — regardless of their dad’s achievements, financial status, and fame.

That’s what a short video posted by actor and daddy Dwayne Johnson shows us.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a video of himself spending daddy time with his very young daughter, Tiana Gia.

In the Instagram video, we can see the Rock holding his baby daughter in his arms, talking and playing with her while she reacts like how little babies do: smile and be cute. He is visibly delighted to see and hear his young child smiling and cooing as he held her.

This short video shows us a different Dwayne. While he’s known for his great acting skills, his ability to entertain people with jokes and singing, and his great wrestling skills, this short video here shows that he’s just a happy dad who loves to spend quality time with little Tiana Gia.

Many dads out there can relate to the Rock. When office hours are over and the work is done, there’s nothing better than going home to be with the most precious people in your life: your family.

And if earthly dads love to spend time with their beloved kids, just think how much our heavenly Father wants to spend good quality time with us, too.


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