Christian Rock Band lead singer Mac Powell took to social media over the weekend to ask fans to help him pray for his wife, Aimee, who he says is in the hospital due to a brain aneurysm. In the post, the Third Day vocalist shared details of his wife’s life-threatening condition.

“Y’all please pray for my love, Aimee! Early this morning her head was hurting terribly. I called 911 and the ambulance took her to a local hospital. After a CT scan they found bleeding on her brain and believe it is an aneurysm,” he wrote, along with a beautiful photo of his smiling wife.

He also said that she is undergoing a procedure to find the problem. “The doctors seem optimistic. Please pray!!!”

Soon after, Powell shared a photo of Aimee as she lay in the hospital bed. He assured concerned fans that she is out of danger for now, but she still has a long way to go. The doctors have been able to keep the aneurysm from rupturing, but she is still suffering from massive headaches. They will also need to keep her in the hospital to be monitored.

Her condition is still considered to be critical as long as there is a threat of a rupture. If this happens, a massive bleed in her brain can prove to be very dangerous. Nevertheless, Powell seems optimistic and has thanked friends and family for their support. “Thankful for many friends, family, and prayers!” he said.

Both Mac and Aimee Powell are musicians. According to Christian Headlines, the pair met when they were both parts of the marching band at McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Atlanta. Since getting married, the couple adopted two children and also have three of their own.

“[Adoption] changed our world, turned it upside down, and it has been incredible ever since,” said Aimee, in an earlier interview.

Mac and their five children will be hoping that Aimee recovers in time for them to properly celebrate Christmas together.

Feature Photo courtesy of Instagram (@macpowell)