This Bring My Tears, 8-Year-Old Caresses Dying Great-Grandma And Sings To Her With ‘You Are My Sunshine’

Posted by Yvonne Brock Miller on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

This is so touching and heartwarming!! 8-year-old Sophie has a heartwarming bond with her great-grandmother, which her grandmother recently captured on film. While visiting her great-grandmother, Sophie settled next to her grandmother on the bed. While I’m sure great-grandma would have appreciated just having a lovely conversation with her great-granddaughter, Sophie instead delighted her with a special song. Sophie’s grandma, Yvonne, says “You Are My Sunshine” is a special song in their family, so it seems fitting that Sophie chose to sing it to her great-grandmother. Yvonne says Sophie has been singing to her great-grandma for two years now, and she gets “great enjoyment” from her great-granddaughter’s beautiful voice.

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