This Bring My Tears, 8-Year-Old Caresses Dying Great-Grandma And Sings To Her With ‘You Are My Sunshine’

‘You Are My Sunshine’ Oct 03, 2017 Steven

Posted by Yvonne Brock Miller on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

This is so touching and heartwarming!! 8-year-old Sophie has a heartwarming bond with her great-grandmother, which her grandmother recently captured on film. While visiting her great-grandmother, Sophie settled next to her grandmother on the bed. While I’m sure great-grandma would have appreciated just having a lovely conversation with her great-granddaughter, Sophie instead delighted her with a special song. Sophie’s grandma, Yvonne, says “You Are My Sunshine” is a special song in their family, so it seems fitting that Sophie chose to sing it to her great-grandmother. Yvonne says Sophie has been singing to her great-grandma for two years now, and she gets “great enjoyment” from her great-granddaughter’s beautiful voice.