This Doctor is Saving Lives Galobaly With a Simple Action - Putting His Name On His Surgical Cap

doctor Jul 13, 2019

Who would have thought that putting your name and job description on your cap would save lives globally? These small and seemingly unnecessary changes surprisingly became revolutionary worldwide. All because of one man: Dr. Rob Hackett.

It Starts With a Simple Purpose

Dr. Hackett noticed that panic in the middle of a procedure can happen to even the best surgeons, especially when patient’s heartbeat stops. It is also in these moments that surgeons tend to blank out on even minor details. Thanks to Dr. Hackett’s idea, the risk of that happening gets lessened. The anesthetist decided to write his name and job on his scrub cap in the hopes to help lessen human errors during surgeries. The purpose is simple: to help a surgeon remember minor details, such as the names of the people around him.

Life And Death Can be A Matter of Those Few Seconds

The few seconds a surgeon uses to recall these small details matter a lot when the life of a patient is on the line.  Life and death can be a matter of those few seconds Wearing a cap with a professional’s name and job role on it helps solve part of what a surgeon has to think of in cases of panic. The innovation was not received well by others in the operating theatre. Dr. Hackett’s idea of making medical professionals wear a cap with their name and job role on it was ridiculed at first, he admits. “It sounds so simple that it’s almost crazy that people haven’t been doing it for centuries,” Dr. Hackett said.

Remember The Name

A person’s name is so sacred that forgetting it can sometimes offend someone, especially in the field of allied health. People would say things like “Can’t you remember your name?” Surgeons started noticing how a simple name and job title written on the cap improved their decision making. Dr. Hackett’s entire team would then start doing the same. Soon, the entire hospital started
embracing the idea which saw operations go more smoothly than ever before hence, a higher success rate in operations.

Starting a Revolution

Dr. Hackett’s simple idea soon reached hospitals across the world. All of them saw improvements in their surgical teams’ performances. Now that the practice has expedited the recall process of surgeons, Dr. Hackett wants the idea to spread just as fast. He believes that the sooner every hospital in the world have their surgical teams doing the same, the better. What is the best way to do that in today’s time? Through social media.


Dr. Hackett and his colleagues took to social media their challenge with #TheatreCapChallenge The team challenged all surgeons and medical professionals around the world to wear scrub caps with their name and job role on them and see its results. It’s simple and innovative, and resourceful for Dr. Hackett and his team and it’s all for a good cause. The goal is to make every hospital on the planet mandate the use of named surgical caps.  

Saving Lives, the Planet, and EVEN MONEY!

Dr. Hackett’s innovation also happens to be environment-friendly. Every year, around 100,000 disposable scrub caps are disposed per 20 operating theatres. That is a lot of non-biodegradable waste for each hospital! Making non-disposable scrub caps with names helps save each hospital at least $10,000. That will save them a lot of money,  as well as the environment and human lives all at once. To think that pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars out of drugs, this simple innovation by Dr. Hackett offers almost a same outcome. If Dr. Hackett doesn’t receive a Nobel Prize for this, at least his legacy will live forever with the #TheatreCapChallenge .


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