It would interest you to wait and see what this old, seemingly homeless woman (based on her appearance) would do in the piano. Can she really play? She looks like a beggar, to be honest.

Natalie Trayling is a Melbourne-based street pianist who has become known playing original compositions, some done spontaneously. The untitled piece she played in this 2014 video was composed when she was about 13 or 14, said her son, who diligently uploaded her street performances for the world to know about her existence. Articles online tell she has been awakening the spirit of the people on the street through her music. Listening closely to her, she is like conveying something in detail, highlighted by some fast and more intense play of keys in various points. Apparently, her music is her way of letting out pent-up emotions. Why she performs on the street, I have yet to find out. She became an online sensation because of this so there’s got to be a story behind that disheveled look and why she performs music with ‘weight’.

Googling her background, there’s not much details in her life except that she has outlived her two daughters, has led a hard, interesting life. Other than that, nothing more but her musical genius.

Sharing her musical gift to the people in the street where all kinds of mortal coming from diverse walks of life roam around is her way of communication. The street is her stage. Performing on the street where people trod with direction or aimlessly, she may touch a life who could relate to her emotion in similar fashion.

Natalie brings to mind David of the Bible, who was called upon to play harp whenever King Saul was visited by a doomed spirit. (I Samuel 16:14-23)

Music is God’s gift. Some people blessed with this gift of piano skills may opt to play for pay to flaunt their brand of music as ‘class’. Other blessed musical genius like Natalie finds fulfillment imparting her gift for free.