Michael D Cisneros, the father of Maxwell, a 2-year-old, posted a video of his son hugging his friend Finnegan when the met after a two-day break.

In the heartwarming video, Finnegan and Maxwell, were so excited when the saw each other and ran towards the other for a tight hug.

The kids hug each other as if they haven’t met for months, though in fact, they meet only after a two-day gap.

Maxwell’s dad Cisneros said to ABC News that “the two boys are inseparable and they always ask about one another when they are away from each other.”

“They go to music class together and both are excellent dancers,” Cisneros added.

This episode is a gentle reminder that our world operates through love and kids exist to prove this fact time and again. Cisneros’ video of the kids has gone viral and is breaking the internet.