In a contemporary world where our expression of Christian faith has been put into scrutiny and being considered as an act of insensitivity – Tim Tebow, the Heisman Trophy awardee of 2007, never failed to confirm boldly his Christian upbringing and his faith in God during some of the biggest events in football arenas. His parents, both Baptist missionaries, have instilled a strong seed of faith in Tim that defined who he really is; even during his ‘Rock star’ level of fame.

God really moves in very mysterious ways. Tim’s ‘John 3:16’ account started out as just a simple gesture of his love and service to Him. It is really a very humbling experience to know that this former NFL sensation’s modest expression of faith, placed the presence and knowledge of God in the mainstream media. In his testimony, Tim used (as always) the word ‘blessed’ in every occasion he felt that God has been a key factor in what was going in his lives.

Surprisingly, his simple act of inspiring others became an overnight sensation. Starting from his ‘Phil 3:14’ eye blacks across his face, Tim was fully aware that not everybody has an idea what it was all about, but he knew that God was up to something through him. Until he realized he might need to change the Bible verse since he knew that they were hitting a bigger stage – and after some formalities, he wore ‘John 3:16’ on his face.

After three years, in one of his significant NFL stints; God has reaffirmed His presence and Tim in his testimony (in front of a congregation) just blurted out with conviction – ‘The God that we serve, is the God of miracles’ and of course, it is safe to say that our God is truly alive.