What a GOD given talent truly an inspiration a light a joy during dark times along comes Angelica’s lightAfter watching this, I am sure that you will repeat again and again!

Angelica is the true, gifted artist. Her natural youthful innocence in every performance directly moves receptive hearts and souls. Being so moved, you don’t get bored or tired, at the depths of feelings beyond words, not mere satisfaction but life-enriching abundance or fullness leave you with wonder and lasting, timeless joy as you’ve just tasted your own existence. At end of performance, notice how experiencing your own aliveness or depths occupy your inexplicable grateful attention, more than merely focusing on Angelica’s deeds. Darci, also gifted, but the nature of her performance is more of an entertainer. In the end of her act, you keep admiring her for those extraordinary skills (but not for long). But has your life really grown, deepened, now more ready to bloom? Only real artists (like Angelica) leave you also tasting intimately our own self-worth in an unforgettable, irreversible way. Your own level of maturity determines how much you will be blessed by it all.