Sisters Sophia, Rose, and Grace Evenson, are waiting for the Minneapolis garbage truck every week. They’ll stop from whatever they are doing to watch Taylor Fritz and Brandon Olsen, the trash collectors, whom they befriended within a year of watching them.

The sanitation workers have kids also, so they became attached to the Evenson siblings quickly. Their weekly exchanges are cute and warm even if their interaction was across the yard, and they can only see one another through the glass of a big window. During Halloween, the trash collectors gave presents for the siblings, and the girls draw beautiful pictures for them.

It’s an inspiring relationship, but Rose got sick. Angie, the mother of the siblings, told the news to their friends along with a letter of gratitude. The letter said, “We may miss you some Thursdays upcoming, our 3-year-old girl was diagnosed with cancer and has chemo on Thursdays”.

Rose was just 3 years old when she had stage 4 kidney cancer in September 2016. The cancer had spread to her lungs, so she spent a lot of days in the hospital, which meant she hadn’t seen her garbage collector friends as much as she wanted.

Taylor and Brandon offered free garbage service to the Evenson’s when they learned that Rose is sick. It’s an act of kindness that’s overwhelming.

There are online reports of the friendship of Taylor and Brandon to the Evenson siblings, and it became viral on social media. A lot of people sent financial help and words of encouragement to the family.

After a long journey of treatment, Rose is now cancer-free, but she still has scans every quarter. Her cancer might come back in two years or the future, so their family and friends are now enjoying the health of Rose. They are aware of the worst-case scenario.

There’s a Facebook page for Rose for people who want to support her. The number of people who help the Evenson’s family is getting bigger because their friendship with the trash collectors is inspiring.