Everyone had that moment in their life when they went to have an all-or-nothing bet. Baby Cullen, our little star today had this moment a little too early perhaps.

Sixteen different hospitals from three different states were contacted by the parents of this child, and only one of them accepts the responsibility. And why did the other hospitals ignored them? The baby was only 22 weeks in her mother’s womb and already wanted to get out on the real world. Most hospitals turned away because babies that were born before the 24th-week mark have the very least of a chance to survive.

The doctors only gave the baby a 2% chance of surviving and even if he actually lives, the baby will have disabilities. The University of South Alabama admits the child and took care of him. The baby miraculously survived and after 5 months, the baby boy was ready to leave the hospital and had a graduation inside the hospital. The baby was said to be getting stronger day after day.

Everyone should learn from this event. The two parents didn’t give up. They called 16 hospitals until they found the right one. They waited 5 months just for the baby to leave the hospital. They’ve put their bets against the odds and won it.  Luck is no excuse. If we believe that some things can be achieved, we will. Even they were 98% of being defeated they didn’t stop fighting. We can all just say “Hey! My God is bigger than all of those percentages”. Believe so you can achieve, and achieve of what you believe.