Two Worlds, One Dream,and God’s Many Blessings

Two Worlds, One Dream,and God’s Many Blessings


my Boyfriend is a Hearing and i am Deaf

my Boyfriend is a Hearing and i am Deaf

1.I had the most amazing dream.I dreamt I went to heaven and had a conversation with God, with my late uncle helping as my sign language interpreter. In that dream, God said He will send someone — a man — and He gave me a vision of what he looks like. From afar and with his back turned to me, I could not figure out who he was. I approached him, and when he looked at me, I knew he looked familiar. I knew we have met before, sometime last year, our church service. That was the time we were first introduced to each other by a common friend. I now remember what his name was — Shawn.In that dream that I fell in love with him. Alas, him being a hearing person and not knowing sign language, I tried to initiate a conversation. I took a piece of paper, and wrote “cheer up” so he could show me that familiar warm smile of his. We walked together towards heaven.Then I woke up.My heart deeply touched by that dream, I mustered enough courage to tell him of my dream through a Facebook message. He was surprised, and said he would love to know what my dream was about. I very much wanted to see him again in person at that time, but because he was still in the UK, I had to be patient and in God’s time, wait until he comes back to the Philippines.Forward to sometime November/December last year, I was pleasantly surprised with his invitation of going with him to Boracay to attend his cousin’s wedding in January. I couldn’t contain my happiness to see him again there, but wasn’t able to properly chat with him until all the wedding ceremony was over. Thanks to texting technology, we were still able to chat during that time even if he hasn’t learned much sign language yet.   And luckily, I was able to steal a couple of minutes away from him to take this lovely photo after the ceremony.I thank God for making my dream come true.As with all good things, I have to go back to Manila while he stayed behind in Boracay. Lucky for me, I was able to take a photo with him after the wedding ceremony — a wonderful souvenir of that wonderful time. This, together with a Holy Bible which he gave to me as a gift.

2  . Upon returning to Manila, I asked Shawn if he would like to hang out, which we did. Twice. During those times, I can’t seem to take my eyes off of him. In my mind, I kept thinking of this wonderful gift that God has given me, that He finally answered my prayers. Shawn is everything I could ask for.      As I knew we were headed somewhere, I invested time i teaching him some basic signs, like the alphabet. It was a slow but steady progress, a real struggle for a hearing person who is learning sign language for the first time. But I knew it will be worth it. As I am Deaf and my boyfriend is hearing, communication will be an important part of this relationship. Shawn accepted me for who I am, and that makes all the difference.     It was also during this time that I gave him something to remember me by: a portrait which I did of him.

3 . I invited Shawn if he would like to go to Thailand with me. As before, he made me wait before finally deciding that he would. Off we went to Thailand last February, all the while very happy and excited to be him. Unconventional as it is, I kept saying “I love you” to him, because that is how I genuinely feel. I knew he is the very man in my dream, the one that God gave me. Unfortunately at that time, Shawn didn’t say I love you back. Yet. Oh well.

4.    We toured around Thailand, immersing ourselves in its culture and experiencing its nightlife. While on a boat tour, I again told him that I love him. He was silent for a time, and I noticed him actually praying to God. After this, he typed something on his phone, those three words I have been longing for.

” I love you “.

It was on this 13th day of February that we entered into a relationship.

I thank God with all my heart for this and I am the happiest girl on earth at that time.

5 We spent Valentine’s day in Thailand, and Shawn and I went for a lovely dinner. To celebrate this wonderful day, I got us a couple’s bracelet that has our names on it (Shawstine) and another special one that says ” God loves me”.

After this wonderful time together, he had to go back home to the U.K.

Nevertheless, we never lost touch with each other as we FaceTime-d every day, and kept our communication lines open, this time, in sign language.

6 . March of this year, he surprised me by coming back here to the Philippines without telling me. Of course, I was very happy to see him again, as I love him so much. I am thankful to God for giving us another chance to be together all the way until April, when we had the most wonderful holiday travelling together.

This time around, I had to make sure that he would have a marked improvement with his signing, and improved he did! I was very proud of him as he started being comfortable communicating with me in sign language. He even interpreted for me during my application for the Miss Global Philippines pageant, and he did a lovely job. Of course, this superhuman effort on top of his prayers for me to get through the audition process.

There was a moment when I doubted myself during this period, but he was my rah-rah boy. When I though that I was about to fail, he encouraged me to pray.

And then came the good news that I got in as one of the candidates when I woke up one morning.

I was very happy and shared this success with Shawn. This was another blessing from God and I am thankful that he was there to pray for me.

As with before, it was a tough act to always be seeing him off at the airport every time he would have to go back to the UK. I knew I would miss him a lot, but I also know that my love for him will stay until the next time we are together again.

7 Shawn went back to the Philippines last June 13. It was my turn to surprise him.

I prepared a surprise get-together at my aunt’s house to celebrate our monthsary. With my aunt and cousin’s help, we prepared food and jazzed up the house for his arrival. When I went to pick him up and brought him to our house, I had our closest friends celebrate this wonderful occasion with us.

And I can’t forget the look of joy on his face during that night. I know he doesn’t say much, but I can feel — and hope — that it was a night worth remembering for him, as he told me that he never had that kind of a surprise celebration for him back in the UK.


8 During the press con for the Miss Global Philippines pageant candidates, I asked Shawn if he would be willing to be my interpreter and he gladly obliged. He was confident at first, but once we entered the venue and saw the number of people in the audience, he somehow panicked and was even a bit embarrassed. But being the gentleman that he is, he went through his first interpreting assignment gracefully, and I think he aced it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was really in his zone as an interpreter, and I could perfectly understand what he was signing to me. Up until the finals night of the pageant, Shawn, together with my mother and Deaf friends, were all there to cheer the only Deaf candidate for that night. While I didn’t get to take home the crown, I still felt the most blessed candidate for having all of them in my life.

9 We spent much wonderful time traveling together, and for Shawn it was a first for him to be exploring the world with me. When we went to Bali, other than enjoying the culture and experience that it has to offer its visitor, we did a ritual that might seem unusual for couples to do: we washed each other’s feet. For us, this humbling act that Jesus did to his disciples was the ultimate proof of his unconditional love for them. Same goes for Shawn and I. We did this to symbolise our unconditional love for each other, and that we are ready to remain each other’s humble servant through thick or thin.

10. Lastly, come night time, in the stillness of that island while both of us were basking in that blissful moment, I asked Shawn to look towards the stars above us. I told him that these stars are actually God’s way of telling us that He still watches over us, after everything we went through. Unexpectedly, a great shooting star darted through the horizon. And another one. And another one. And another one. How often do you see four shooting stars in one sitting? For me, it was more than a universal phenomenon. It was God’s way of letting us appreciate the wonderful blessings that He created for us… and this includes the gift of Shawn and myself for each other.

“But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:13‬ ‭NASB

The writer is Christine Balaguer.