“Rather than an icon, I want to be an inspiration.” – Tyler Perry.

Perry knows God is always with him, guiding, loving and supporting him no matter what, so he devoted his time doing the same thing. His whole life is devoted to inspiring other people and giving them a chance in life.

Perry is known for his brilliant work as an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, and playwright. His effort and contribution have been recognized, winning not only the hearts of the audience but also one of the most sought after awards at the last BET Awards, the Ultimate Icon Award.


During his speech, the actor, who was born as Emitty Perry Jr., recalled his childhood, his mother Willie Maxine Perry, his friends and the lessons he has learned over the years. He shared his memories, noting his first 10 films were meant to tell his mom and all black women how special they are. He said he wants them to know that they are worthy, powerful, special, and amazing.

Perry Spreads His Faith And Life Lessons Through His Work

The 49-year-old has been an inspiration for many people. His journey is a testament to his devotion to God and to empowering the black community. He hopes his career would serve as an inspiration for the young generation of black people.


Perry uses his work to show his faith and to spread the life lessons he has learned all through the years. Madea is one of his creations. She knows nothing about Salvation but because she is very entertaining, she’s been able to catch the attention of so many people. She’s been able to attract them to listen to what she has to say.


Perry shared he found out that he can use his creations and his jokes to get to the heart and soul of the real problem. He said through making people laugh, she can share his faith and his wisdom to other people.

Through his films such as Can Do Bad All by Myself, he shares meaningful and uplifting stories that show the importance of love, care, and faith.

Perry’s Journey in Spreading Faith and Hope to People

Perry’s devotion to God has been tested so many times but he still believes in Him. He was beaten by his father. He had a hard life. He witnessed bad things happening around him. But these things did not stop him from offering his life and loyalty to God.


As part of his journey to motivate and encourage the younger black generation, he shared in his BET Awards speech that he decided to buy a Confederate Army Base, the place where Confederate soldiers used to plan on how to keep millions of Negroes enslaved. The land is located in one of the poorest black communities in Atlanta. He said he built his studio there because he wants black kids to see that a black man was able to do that and that they can do it too.

Perry, who found his purpose through helping others, has shared a story about assisting an elderly man cross the street when he was still a young boy. He recalled the man was asking to help him cross the road, but no one helped him. This experience remarkably affected the rest of his life. He reflected how that encounter influenced him when he decided to hire talents such as Idris Alba, Viola Davis, and Taraji P. Henson.

“It is all about helping somebody cross,” said Perry.

Today, Perry was able to create a clear path to his devotion to God. He is producing films, plays, and books that inspire everybody and bring hope to those who are losing their faith.

For Perry, family and faith are very valuable to him but most importantly, forgiveness. Mercy is a central tenant in Christianity and to his life.

He said he grew up very unhappy but when he forgave his father for what he had done to him, his life changed for the better. Through having faith and forgiving the person who hurt him, he has learned how powerful forgiveness is and how, in order to be forgiven, you have to learn to forgive others.