Derek Rowen, the Irish artist best known as Guggi, remembers how his childhood friend Bono turned to Christ. Bono is the vocalist of the Irish rock band U2 and has a worldwide following.

Bono and Guggi have been pals since the 70s for they grew up together in Finglas, North Dublin. After fifty years, they are now professionals and renowned in the profession and are still the best of friends. Guggi now shares his buddy’s faith in Christ.

These two creative people have a common interest to develop their love for God. Guggi’s father Robbie Rowen is a devout Christian, who is a significant factor why his son and his singer pal became Christians. The parents of Bono were Protestant and Catholic, and they raised their son in an Episcopal Church in Ireland. In an interview, Guggi told RNS that he and Bono became followers of Christ through his dad.

Bono’s mother died when he was 14. Since then, he spent numerous hours at Guggi’s home and it resulted in the two friends attending an annual Bible camp. Bono became an artist because of grief. He said, “My mother died at her own father’s gravesite. As he was being lowered into the ground, she had an aneurysm. I was 14.” Bono said though his mother died while he’s still young, he’s thankful that he became an artist because he needs to express his sadness and sentiments.

The U2 frontman filled his heart with music but admitted, “I began the journey trying to fill the hole in my heart with music, with my mates, my bandmates. Finally, the only thing that can fill it is God’s love; it’s a big hole, but luckily it’s a big love”.

Bono shared his Christian faith last May, in the show segment of Today. The singer also said that we read different types of literature, and we should read the Bible more because Jesus Christ is the answer.

Bono on Jesus, Religion, and Grace