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Urgent Waring!! God Showed This Man The Judgment Day

What are your thoughts about judgment day?  

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  1. #1 since when does God use New Age Mysticism to show anyone anything I.E. “Out of Body Experience aka Astral Projection……#2 Since when does God contradict Himself in these “experiences” that suddenly God is doing Satan’s job bringing up your past when the Word of God says that He remembers your sin no more as far as the east is to the west which is endless…….I swear people put so much stock into “experiences” that don’t even LINE UP WITH THE WORD OF GOD…..If you think your EXPERIENCE is of higher authority than the Word of God this should tell you it wasn’t God that showed you this…..I wish people would read their Bibles before giving an AMEN or I LOVE THIS to everything that sounds good or looks good on the outside appearance but at the core is nothing short of unbiblical lies from Satan.

  2. Let us all get right with G-D, do not be like the sons of Abraham. John the Baptist showed them the arrogance of their thinking. Let’s look at our selves, I forgive with all of my heart, Marty, Pam, Mike, and the Catholic church, and harvest praise and worship, the church i attended. I forgive you all.

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