Two New York police officers were doused with water by citizens while patrolling the street earlier this week. However, they walked away calmly without fighting back. The humiliating scene was caught on the video which went viral on social media followed by the report of many national news websites.

Many political leaders backed the police officers and condemned the act of irresponsible citizens.

Vice President Mike Pence who is a conservative Christian condemned this attack on the police officers calling it “disgraceful conduct”. He went on to state the position of himself and of President Donald Trump that both of them will always stand with the police officers who keep the law and order every day.

Pastor Greg Locke came to the defense of the police officers by praising the service they offer every day as well as offering advice to the attackers.

In his 2-minute video on Twitter, he said: “The police officers protect people’s life. Whenever you get into trouble you don’t call Ben and Jerry’s or an Uber. You will call the police. These men and women risk their lives. How would you dare disrespect them so foolishly?”

He also thanked the police officers for all the work they did and blessed them and said he is for the men in blue. He also appreciated the graceful conduct of the police officers during the water attack.