In Thailand, there is an adorable elephant named  Faa Mai, who seems to be totally attached and obsessed with her new human friend, Lek Chailert, founder of Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park, the elephant sanctuary where Faa Mai lives.

Chailert uses to sing lullabies to Faa Mai, but one day as she was entertaining some tourists for some picture-taking, the big Momma, Faa Mai, came to her and gently shove her to come with her to the spot where one of the sanctuary’s juvenile elephants, Thong Ae, was.

Chailert, kind of, figured out what this huge momma elephant was gesturing. Faa Mai wanted her to sing to Thong Ae the same lullabies that she would sing to her. There was nothing she could do but to follow Faa Mai’s lead. Anyway, she loves all these huge creatures. Faa Mai seemed to have a special attachment to Thong Ae as if she wanted to adopt the young elephant.

It’s quite interesting and amazing to see how capable this creature is in displaying a loving affection for another creature of her kind, and even for her human friend.

We can’t help but be in awe of God’s intelligent design for His creation. Truly, He is a God of purpose, design, and objectivity. What a mighty God we serve!